The Holmes County Education Foundation (HCEF)

HCEF was created in 1989 by a generous donor with the goal of encouraging further education for the residents of Holmes County. Holmes County Education Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. EIN # 34-1631041.

A trust was formed.

A trust was formed to generate income to help fulfill this goal. The original trustees included John Waltman, James McGuire, Richard Maxwell, and Judge Robert Hines. The present Board of Trustees includes: Matt Campbell, David Coil, Craig Hershberger, Judge Thomas Lee, Laurel Miller, Roger Proper, Jr., Garrett Roach, Michael Taylor, and John Waltman. Shasta Mast is the Executive Director, and Ashley Doty is the Scholarship Program Manager.The mission of the Holmes County Education Foundation is to “strengthen our community by helping Holmes County residents pursue further education opportunities.”Since 1991, over $10,700,000 has been granted for the betterment of Holmes County youth and adults. This has been accomplished by the awarding of college scholarships, professional development grants, Amish Vocational Training grants, Senior Series grants, and assistance to the Holmes County College Access Program.

Who do we fund?

As stated in Article III ("Distributions in Furtherance of the Trust's Purposes") of the Trust Agreement of the Holmes County Education Foundation, it states: "The assets of the Trust shall be used (in the discretion of the Trustees) to provide scholarships or other financial assistance...for the pursuit of education or vocational training beyond grade school.  Education beyond grade school shall mean enrollment and attendance at an educational organization which maintains a regular faculty and curriculum and normally has a regularly enrolled body of pupils or students in attendance at the place where it's educational activities are carried on...Vocational training beyond grade school may include payments or loans to Amish or Mennonite churches which such churches may use to advance the vocations of the youth of their membership...
Preference shall be given to applicants who have demonstrated financial need, but the Trustees may also consider academic promise and other non-economic criteria in making their decisions."
The primary class of eligible recipients of scholarships or other financial assistance shall be residents of Holmes County, Ohio.  To the extent such applicants exist, assets shall be used for their benefit; only to the extent not enough such applicants exist to exhaust all available income, the trustees may award scholarships to graduates of high schools located in and to students who are residents of counties adjacent to Holmes County, Ohio.
Scholarships are awarded to students that are enrolled in higher education institutions that are accredited by the U.S. Department of Education.


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Mission, Vision, Values

HCEF Principles

The Defining Elements of the Holmes County Education Foundation

Our Mission

Holmes County Education Foundation strengthens our community by helping Holmes County residents pursue further education opportunities.

Our Vision

To be the community leader in providing our residents with need-based financial aid to pursue further education opportunities that lead to achieving degree attainment.



We are accountable to internal and external stakeholders for the finances and operations of the organization, and, through prudent management of entrusted funds, we are committed to maintaining the high quality of our grant-making and services.


We respect our donors and carry out their wishes while maintaining the confidentiality of both the donors' and grant recipients' financial matters.


We are genuinely interested in bettering the lives of our students and our community.


We maintain an active concern for Holmes County residents, and within the Foundation's means we are committed to meeting their educational needs for their own and the County's long-term well-being.


We are committed to earning and maintaining the trust of the community by accurately reporting our activities and ensuring an open door policy.