Teachers & Professionals

Nonprofits & Public Sector


Professional Development Grants

The Holmes County Education & Community Foundation provides professional development grants to nonprofits and public sector organizations in our community.

The grant program was designed to help applicants offset the costs of professional seminars, workshops, or programs that are not funded by their respective organizations. (Preference is given to in-state seminars, workshops, or programs.)

The Professional Development Grant program goals are to identify and recognize Holmes County residents who exemplify professionalism in service, to provide opportunities for professional growth activities, and to encourage staff from all public and non-profit organizations to join together to enhance the quality of service in the community. Grant monies are drawn from a pool of funds allocated by the Holmes County Education & Community Foundation Board of Trustees, and upon meeting the requirements laid out in the grant application, applicants are approved on a first-come-first-served basis. Applications are accepted year-round.

Teacher Scholarship

Raymond J. & Louella F. Patterson Scholarship for Teachers

The Raymond J. & Louella F. Patterson Scholarship for Teachers is open to current Holmes County teachers who have at least two years of classroom teaching experience.  This scholarship can be used for study or training in the following areas: Study toward an advanced degree at an accredited college or graduate school;

Special courses in specific subjects or technical training in specific areas; or participation in specific teacher training opportunities which enhance their ability to work with students.  Scholarship will be awarded for tuition, fees, and books for any graduate level program that leads to a degree and program fees and expenses for other programs.  

The maximum award for any one year will be $1,500.00.  

A commitment for two complete years of classroom teaching in the Holmes County school system is required following the training.  

Applications are accepted only once per academic year.